[New York Magazine] Live Where They Lived

by New York Magazine, Sept 2013

(Photo: Peter A. Juley & Son Collection Smithsonian American Art Museum)

(Photo: Peter A. Juley & Son Collection Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Charles Webster Hawthorne
Where: 280 West 4th Street.
What: A townhouse with three one-bedroom apartments plus a triplex with a greenhouse and rooftop terrace.
Asking price: $9.995 million.
Agent: Paul Kolbusz and Sara Gelbard, the Corcoran Group.

This building’s new owners will land not only a stately townhome but potentially the painting hanging above the fireplace of a brown-haired girl in a white-lapeled blue smock, dubbed “Girl in Blue.” The sellers, who searched a year for the painting, say it belongs to the house. (The painting is not included in the price, but the owners are willing to negotiate.) Portraitist Charles Webster Hawthorne, who founded the Cape Cod School of Art and mentored Norman Rockwell, called this building home from 1919 to 1930 and might have painted “Girl in Blue” in the top-floor studio. While the room has been renovated, sheets of light still pour from the large windows and skylight. Painter Albert Pinkham Ryder was a former resident, too.

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