[New York Observer] Marc Jacobs Man Robert Duffy Relocates in the Village

Although Robert Duffy, the co-founder of hipster-couture brand Marc Jacobs, vacated his Bank street digs, the fashion impresario hasn’t strayed far. Mr. Duffy, his husband and their newborn baby girl have moved to a another townhouse at 35 West 12th Street, city records show.

Their new home comes with a sterling pedigree. Apparently trying to draw prospective buyers with a vested interest in early American families, the listing prominently proclaims that the townhouse is “Situated on a parcel of land that was once part of the Brevoort family’s farming estate in the 17th century,” and further informs us that it is located on “beautiful tree-lined block on the Gold Coast just off of Fifth Ave.”

And don’t expect to find any modernist trappings of the nouveau riche who have taken to the neighborhood. The owners have preserved “much of its old world detail such as the wonderfully preserved original mahogany staircase, Colefax and Fowler wall paper and the extensive decorative crown and picture molding throughout,” write Corcoran brokers Sara Gelbard and Paul Kolbusz in the listing. The four-bedroom, 2.5-bath place is a better fit for the new family than their previous Greenwich Village home, Mr. Duffy’s broker told The Observer recently.

Mr. Duffy paid $5.2 million for the home, which will be comfortably covered by the $7.05 million be made last month selling his Bank Street place. He purchased the home from David and Valerie Hyde who list East Dorsett, Vt. as their address on the deed. According to the Corcoran listing, they had owned the home for over 35 years.