Abstract of Title:

A chronological summary of the recorded instruments and proceedings on the title of a property.

Air Rights:

The right to build above or add square footage to a structure. These buildable rights are determined by city zoning regulations and public need. Air rights can be sold to adjoining structures for a negotiated price between land owners.


The process of determining the value of a property usually against values of other properties of similar-type in the immediate neighborhood.


The right to transfer a contract or a lease from one party to another. The term is often used to describe the process of assigning one's primary lease to that of a second party until the end of the term.


An outdoor space that protrudes from a building.


A dwelling faced with brownstone, a native New York State stone.  Also, a colloquial term for townhouse.


Refers to the actual exterior dimensions of a building.

Capital Improvement:

An improvement on a piece of property that increases the value of the property.

Certificate of Occupancy (C of O):

The Certificate of Occupancy outlines the legal uses of the piece of property.


When a broker sends out his/her listings to the brokerage community at large, he/she does so on a co-broke basis. This means that the brokerage firm representing the owner of the property will split the commission on a 50/50 basis with the brokerage firm that brings the buyer or tenant to the property and is able to conclude a transaction.

Contract Out:

Refers to the moment in time when a buyer and seller have agreed to a price on an apartment and the parties' attorneys have drafted a contract of sale and have sent it to the purchaser for signature.


This term most often refers to the interior outside grounds of a building.

Duplex Apartment:

An apartment that spans over two levels.


The acronym used to describe an Eat-In-Kitchen.

En Suite Bathroom:

Refers to a bathroom that is adjoining a bedroom. In other words, one does not have to leave his/her bedroom in order to go to the bathroom.


The procedure of placing money in an account where neither buyer nor seller can access the money without the consent of an escrow agent.  Typically in New York City funds are held in an attorney’s escrow account.


In lieu of the term 'mint', some people use the word 'excellent' to describe the condition of an apartment that is in a superb shape.

Exclusive Listing:

An exclusive listing is a listing promoted by a single broker for which he/she has been hired by an owner to market his/her property. In an exclusive right-to-sell arrangement, the individual broker has the right to earn a commission in the event that the property sells during the term of the exclusive. This type of arrangement precludes the owner of the apartment from selling the property on his/her own. Under the terms of an exclusive, the broker has the fiduciary responsibility to market the property to other brokers. The exclusive broker is accountable to the owner of the property and is responsible for seeing the transaction through its conclusion.


This is the front of a building. The facade can consist of any number of building elements, such as limestone, brownstone, cement, glass, granite, and marble.

Fixed Rate:

An interest rate that remains constant over the term of a loan.

Floating Rate:

An interest rate that fluctuates with the prevailing rates offered to lending institutions.


An apartment that extends from a building's façade to its rear wall, so that the unit exclusively occupies an entire floor.


The process by which a lending institution takes back a property because the property owner can no longer meet his/her monthly mortgage payment.


Refers to a bathroom without a bathtub or shower.

High Ceilings:

Usually refers to ceilings with a height of nine feet or more.

In Contract:

Refers to the moment in time when there is a fully executed contract (a buyer and a seller both sign a contract of sale).

Interest Rate:

The amount charged by a lending institution to mortgage holders for the use of borrowed money.

Keyed Elevator:

Describes an elevator that opens up right into the apartment on into a foyer which leads directly to the particular apartment.

Lease Assignment:

When a lessee (tenant) must leave his/her apartment prior to the end of the particular lease and he/she remains responsible for the duration of the term. In such an instance, the lessor (owner) will allow the lessee to assign the remaining term on the lease to a new tenant. However, in most situations like this, a prudent owner/landlord will keep the original tenant on the lease and thus responsible for the remainder of the term. Whether or not the owner/landlord allows the new tenant to remain in the apartment is strictly at the discretion of the owner/landlord.


A legal document which outlines the responsibilities and parameters between a landlord and a tenant.

Loft Space:

By definition, this term refers to space which has been converted from commercial usage to residential usage. This can include the conversion of office space, factory space or warehouse space. Some of the attributes of loft space may include high ceilings, open space, raw space, large windows, etc.


Each New York City parcel of land is divided into lots for purpose of identification.

Mortgage Points:

Often when a consumer takes out a mortgage, the lender will tack on points to the mortgage amount as an upfront cost of doing business. In other words, if the lending institution offers a mortgage rate at 2 points, you will be paying 2% of the total mortgage upfront as an added cost of doing business.


In order to purchase a property, an individual often will enter into an agreement with a lending institution to provide him/her with a loan to cover a large percentage of the purchase price.  There are several components to a mortgage, including the interest rate due on the loan (this can be either a fixed or floating rate), the term of the mortgage in number of years (usually 15 or 30) and the amount that is being financed.

Oblique Views:

This term is used to describe views from an apartment when one has a rather 'turn of your head' view of Central Park or either of the two rivers.

Offer Accepted:

This term describes one stage in the chain of events during the purchase of an apartment or a townhouse. This refers to the point in time when an owner accepts the business terms of an offer for an apartment or a townhouse. This can include the price, the closing period, and any contingencies the parties may agree upon.

Open House:

In order to promote a property, the listing broker or the owner of the property may hold an open house in order to get a large number of people and/or brokers through the property in a short period of time.

Open Kitchen:

A kitchen which opens up to the living space of an apartment. There is no door separating the kitchen from the rest of the apartment.

Original Detail:

This term is used to describe detailing in pre-war buildings. This can include ceiling moldings, chair rails, ornamental decorations around doors or fireplaces, etc.

Parlor Floor:

This is the second floor in a townhouse. In its original form, the building's front steps accessed the parlor floor. The parlor is traditionally the grandest floor in the townhouse and almost always has the building's highest ceilings. Historically, these floors were primarily used for entertaining with two rooms separated by a staircase.

Partial Views:

This term refers to views that offer partial vistas of Central Park, the Hudson River or the East River. Partial views can also refer to partial city views.

Pass-through Kitchen:

This term refers to a Kitchen with an opening from the Kitchen into another room in the apartment, usually a Dining Area or Living Room.

Pied à terre

Translated literally from the French, pied à terre means foot on the ground. In English, we would call it a "landing pad." A pied à terre is an apartment maintained by someone whom does not live there full-time.


This term refers to when a new purchaser or a new tenant can actually take possession of an apartment.


Refers to buildings built after World War II. Post-war building needs and modern building techniques dramatically altered the composition of the middle and upper-class apartment house. Apartment houses were built in a "plain vanilla" style with lower ceilings, fewer moldings and details, an absence of fireplaces and reduced room proportions. The exterior of the New York apartment house also saw dramatic change. Plain red and white brick exteriors replaced the ornate limestone detailing of the pre-war apartment house.

Powder Room:

Refers to a bathroom without a bathtub or shower. A powder room is also commonly referred to as half-bath.


Refers to buildings built prior to the start of World War II. Some common elements of these structures include hardwood floors, moldings, high ceilings and fireplaces.

Professional Space:

Office space set aside in a residential building for use by professionals usually in the medical field. Similar to maisonette's these spaces can have separate street entrances as well as lobby entrances.

Pullman Kitchen:

This type of kitchen is most often found in small apartments and is situated against a single wall. Usually these kitchens are no bigger than the size of a closet and consist of a refrigerator (full or half), an oven and a sink.


An apartment that is spread out over four levels.

Recessed Lighting:

This term refers to lighting that is located above the ceiling and does not have a light fixture hanging from the ceilings. This type of lighting provides a very clean and contemporary look to an apartment.

Room Count:

Every apartment has a room count. Straight Studio, pullman Kitchen: One room. Straight Studio, Full Kitchen: Two rooms. Alcove Studio, Full Kitchen: 2.5 Rooms. Junior-One, Full Kitchen, No Wall: 2.5 Rooms. Junior-One, Full Kitchen, Wall: 3.0 Rooms. One Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen: 3 Rooms. Junior-Four, Living Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Alcove: 3.5 Rooms. Convertible-2, Living Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Alcove, No Wall: 3.5 Rooms.

Security Deposit:

A rental tenant will put down a security deposit on an apartment so that the owner of the apartment has security against any potential damages in the apartment during the term of tenancy. This security deposit is not in lieu of a tenant paying his/her last month's rent.

Service Entrance:

This term refers to a second entrance to a kitchen from the common hallway or a rear or private smaller hallway. This entrance is basically used for deliveries and as a means of egress for the servants of the house.


A situation in which a building owner is unable to meet the operating expenses of a building because the building's income is less than the building's expenses.

Tax Abatement:

The city of New York often offers developers tax breaks in the form of abatements in order to induce development in a particular area of the city.


Each rental lease is for a duration of time. This period of time is called the term and will range from one month to two or three years. Typically an unfurnished apartment will rent for a term of 12-24 months.


By definition, a terrace is a roof or part of a roof in a building. In Manhattan, terraces can be found when there is a setback on a high-rise. These terraces are also enjoyed for the private use of an individual apartment owner. We categorize a terrace as outdoor space.


This type of structure was pre-eminent in the 1840’s and up through the 1930s. Townhouses were primarily built as private residences for its occupants with one family owning and occupying the entire structure. These structures were usually built in groups and were commonly referred to as row houses. They were built four to five stories high and enjoyed many common design elements.


This term refers to the condition of an apartment. In this case the 'triple' refers to the general condition of the apartment, the condition of the kitchen and the condition of the bathroom.  ‘Mint’ refers to almost new condition.

Triplex Apartment:

An apartment that is spread out over three levels.

Walk-through Kitchen:

A Kitchen with two means of egress. An individual can actually walk through the Kitchen by entering through one room and exiting into another room.

Walk-up Building:

A building without an elevator. This term usually refers to four to six story pre-war buildings that were built without an elevator.

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Abstract of Title: A chronological summary of the recorded instruments and proceedings on the title of a property.

Air Rights: The right to build above or add square footage to a structure. These buildable rights are determined by city zoning regulations and public need.

Air rights can be sold to adjoining structures for a negotiated price between land owners.

Appraisal: The process of determining the value of a property usually against values of other properties of similar-type in the immediate neighborhood.

Assignment: The right to transfer a contract or a lease from one party to another. The term is often used to describe the process of assigning one's primary lease to that of a second party until the end of the term.

Using an OL, setting an initLetter and customizing the CSS

    initLetter: 'c'

The initLetter option is set to letter 'c', which forces the list to load with that letter selected. The list is an OL (ordered list) and the numbers restart at 1 under each letter. The default styling is overridden to give the navigation and list a different look.

  1. 411 Services
  2. Accountants
  3. Accounting & Bookkeeping - General Service
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Advertising
  6. Advertising - Agencies & Counselors
  7. Advertising - Computer
  8. Advertising - Promotional
  9. Attorneys - Service Bureaus
  10. Auctioneers
  11. Audio Visual Consultants
  12. Audio Visual Production Service
  13. Automobile - Renting
  14. Automobile - Repair & Service
  15. Cabinet Makers
  16. Cabinets
  17. Cafeterias
  18. Calligraphers
  19. Campgrounds
  20. Dancing Instruction
  21. Data Communications Equipment & Systems - Networks
  22. Deck Builders
  23. Drywall & Insulation Contractors
  24. Earthquake Products & Services
  25. E-Commerce
  26. Education Centers
  27. Educational Consultants
  28. Educational Service - Business
  29. Electric Contractors
  30. Electric Transmission Equipment (Manufacturers)
  31. Electrolysis
  32. Erosion Control
  33. Gas - Liquefied Petroleum - Bottled & Bulk (Wholesale)
  34. Guide Service
  35. Gymnastic Instruction
  36. Halls & Auditoriums
  37. Handyman Services
  38. Hardware - Retail
  39. Hardwood
  40. Jewelers - Retail
  41. Jewelry - Designers
  42. Laboratories
  43. Laboratories - Research & Development
  44. Land Companies
  45. Landfills - Sanitary
  46. Lumber (Manufacturers)
  47. Lumber - Retail
  48. Machine Shops
  49. Parking Area & Lots Maintenance & Marking
  50. Parks
  51. Party Supplies
  52. Patio & Deck Cleaning & Restoration
  53. Paving Contractors
  54. Pumps (Wholesale)
  55. Roofing - Service Consultants
  56. Sand & Gravel (Wholesale)
  57. School Supplies (Wholesale)
  58. Schools & Educational Services
  59. Schools - Nursery & Kindergarten Academic
  60. Schools - Universities & Colleges Academic
  61. Shoe & Boot Repairing
  62. Shoes - Retail
  63. Shopping Centers & Malls
  64. Shower Doors & Enclosures
  65. Tutoring
  66. Ultrasonic Equipment & Supplies (Wholesale)
  67. Upholsterers
  68. Windows - Repairing
  69. Wineries
  70. Wines - Consultants
  71. Wines - Retail
  72. Woodworkers

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  • Beverly Crusher


    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: Oct. 13, 2324

    Place of Birth: Copernicus City, Luna

  • Wesley Crusher


    Rank: Ensign

    Date of Birth: July 29, 2349

    Place of Birth: Earth

  • Data


    Rank: Lieutenant Commander

    Date of Birth: Feb. 2, 2338

    Place of Birth: Omicron Theta science colony

  • Geordi La Forge

    La Forge

    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: Feb. 16, 2335

    Place of Birth: African Confederation, Earth

  • Jean Luc Picard


    Rank: Captain

    Date of Birth: July 13, 2305

    Place of Birth: Labarre, France, Earth

  • William Riker


    Rank: Captain

    Date of Birth: August 19, 2335

    Place of Birth: Valdez, Alaska, Earth

  • Deanna Troi


    Rank: Commander

    Date of Birth: March 29, 2336 (Terran equivalent)

    Place of Birth: Near Lake El-Nar, Betazed

  • Worf


    Rank: Lieutenant Commander

    Date of Birth: December 9, 2340 (Terran equivalent)

    Place of Birth: Qo'noS, Klingon Empire

Ignore multi word prefixes to titles with prefixes

    prefixes: ['The Complete Works of', 'A']
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • The Complete Works of Joe Blogs
  • A Story About Something
  • Macbeth
  • Hamlet
  • A Play on Words